Day: September 13, 2013

  • Designing Custom Pandora Bracelets

    Charm bracelets gained considerable popularity from Queen Victoria, who also popularized the mourning charms that she wore when Prince Albert died, and later from Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford, movie stars during the golden age of Hollywood. Today, you can find Pandora charm bracelets in more than 65 countries around the world. Selecting the right […]

  • Tragic Natural Disaster in Colorado? Three Sites You Should Follow for News

    Did you know that the National Guard is evacuating a Colorado town because of flooding that has already killed three people? It has created an island within the town of Lyon, with all roads leading out of the small town flooded. If you are looking for the latest free online news, there are many options. […]

  • Help Keep Your Home Safe

    Protecting your home is a priority, and rightly so. The statistics related to home break ins are terrifying, and no family deserves to deal with the financial and emotional aftermath of intrusion. In the U.S., a burglary takes place every 14.6 seconds, each averaging a monetary loss of $1,725. They’re committed by persons from all […]

  • Use Coupons to Afford the Best for Your Dog

    According to The Humane Society, Americans own more than 78 million dogs, 46% of all homes have at least one, and more than a quarter of dog owners have more than one. The fact that dogs have become so popular is no surprise considering the fact that they provide unconditional companionship and loyalty. In order […]