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  • Virginia is for Retirees

    During the next 20 years over 75 million baby boomers will retire. The baby boomers are the generation born after World War II, from 1946 to 1964. While many of their parents retired in Florida, this generation is looking elsewhere. A lot of them are considering retirement communities in williamsburg va. The baby boomers have […]

  • The Elderly Today

    With so many baby boomers in this world today after the term was penned by the Washington Post in 1970, we find that these individuals today are making up the senior citizen population. There are so many of them due to the high level of individuals born during the post World War II era. That […]

  • Five Facts About Retirement Homes

    The opportunity to socialize and participate in group activities is one of the major benefits of living in a retirement homes in Williamsburg VA. These activities can help slow the rate of mental deterioration. In fact, a study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health shows that seniors who participate in an active social […]