A Brief History of Vinyl and How it is Used Today

Vinyl fabrics

The number of things people can make out of vinyl can be shocking. Vinyl can be used to create toys, advertising, pipes, and other products; all of which are extremely vital to people’s everyday lives.

The first incident of using vinyl came in 1872. This incident involved a German chemist by the name of Eugen Baumann. He created the first PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, product. However, he never patented it. It was not until 1913 when Friedrich Klatte applied for a patent that the product was patent.

Several years later, B.F. Goodrich Company created a plastic version of PVC. This version, invented in 1926, became extremely popular and is what people use today to make popular items and toys.

Today, PVC or vinyl can be used to make a number of products. It was used by a popular toy company to create one of the most popular toys of the 20th Century, Colorforms. It is also used regularly to make PVC piping, which is an alternative to metal plumbing.

While vinyl is regularly used for items, pipes, and toys; thanks to advances in technology it can now be used as a form of advertising. Vinyl fabrics can be purchased by a business for advertising.

The business will send the vinyl fabrics, or printable vinyl as it is sometimes called, to a printing company. The company will print the logo, company saying, or other advertising slogan onto the vinyl fabrics. These vinyl fabrics can be displayed outdoors as a form of durable, reliable advertising.

Many businesses like using vinyl fabrics, laminate fabric, vinyl coated fabric, or vinyl sign material as their main source of advertising. This is because the material, especially vinyl fabrics, can be extremely durable. They are made to withstand wind and harsh weather conditions. Businesses like to use these materials for advertising because they do not have to keep replacing signs and other forms of advertising due to damage from the weather.

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