Affordable Toronto Trailer Rentals

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During this day and age, when finding solid employment is so difficult to do, one industry that is always looking for hardworking, reliable employees is the trucking industry. Considering that truckers are responsible for two thirds of trade between the United States and Canada, and that 80 percent of exports leaving the United States are going to Canada, truckers can make good money. In fact, rookie truckers average around 40,000 dollars per year; and the pay increases with experience. If one decides to become an owner operator, trailer rental Toronto will allow them to earn well over a dollar per mile.

Although owner operators own their tractors, they normally utilize a trailer rental Toronto. Depending upon the type of cargo that they run, they may rent or lease dry vans, reefer trailers, or flatbeds. As far as where they will run, most over the road drivers will visit all 48 contiguous states and Canada at some point. For over a quarter million Canadian truck drivers, delivering to the United States is the only way to make a the most money, since over 70 percent of Canadian truck shipments cross the border, and intra Canada shipments amount to only 25 percent. Of course, living on the road for weeks at a time is also requirement.

Trucking has improved a lot over the past couple of decades, yet it still takes a lot of stamina, patience, perseverance, and time away from family. However, the trucks are more fuel efficient and the lighter trailers are capable of pulling heavier cargo. Despite its demands, there is no better time to become a trucker, for those with the what it takes. Trailer rental Toronto can help to make that happen for new owner operators.

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