Broken Screens, Water Damage, Trauma The Most Common Repair is Cell Phone Repair

How to fix a wet cell phone

If you are looking into a new cell phone, the iPhone is a very popular option for people to get because of the prestige of being able to say that you own one. Besides the sticker shock of the price though, you have to take into account companies that repair cell phones and what their costs will be, because iPhones tend to break, a lot, and the cost of cell phone repairs can add up.

In fact, here are a few statistics on the most common ways iPhones are damaged.

  1. The top causes of iPhones breaking are users dropping the technology. Whether it’s the phone falling into some form of water be it a swimming pool, toilet, or lake, falling off of a user’s lap, or being knocked off of something like a table. The fifth reason is because of spilling liquid of some kind on them.
  2. About one twentieth, or 5% of iPhone owners have put their phone through the wash accidentally.
  3. A little less tan 20% of all iPhone accidents happen in the living room.
  4. 43% of all liquid spills onto iPhones are water, which make up the majority of this type of accident.

So, if you are thinking that an iPhone might be even more expensive than the initial sticker shock price, if you factor in the unavoidable iPhone repair, then maybe you want something you are less likely to drop or spill on, like an iPad. In fact, more than 34 million of those have been sold in the US in the past 2 years, so clearly there are people who were sick of paying because of a broken screen or having to find a repair specialist instead of taking it to any cell phone place.

That being said, though it is cheaper to repair cell phones, it is also way more expensive for iPad repair, even if you do it less … So keep that in mind as well. See this link for more:

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