Build or Buy? A Dilemma Experienced by Many Potential Home Buyers

Building new home

A dilemma many potential home buyers face in the buying process involves the decision of buying resale or building new. Believe it or not, a lot of money can be saved in buying a new custom built home, instead of buying used. The housing crisis and the Great Recession interrupted a 15-year long increasing trend toward a growing share of custom home building. Now, as the economy and housing market begins to stabilize, custom luxury home builders are becoming a growing trend among home buyers, once again. Custom luxury home builders provide a long list of beneficial factors to the home buying process. Here’s 5 reasons why custom luxury home builders are beneficial to potential home buyers.

1) Quite possibly the primary advantage of building a new home is that it can be built to the buyers specifications. Custom homes, and luxury new homes alike, can be built in the specific vision of the buyer, and changed as the building process progresses. For example, people who have special needs such as wheelchairs, are good candidates for custom home builds. Additionally, building a custom home allows the homeowner control layout and lot size, and choose from a variety of floor plans to find one that best meets their needs.

2) In many cases, custom home builders construct on land that the home buyer already owns. This will save the home buyer a lot of money in property fees, and custom home construction, as the homeowner typically will not have to acquire new land to build on, or purchase a used home on property they do not own.

3) New homes typically utilize current and up-to-date technology and building materials. These materials and technology are more energy-efficient than what is used older homes, which helps keeps utility bills low, while being friendly to the environment as well.

4) Building custom homes typically feature new appliances. The more energy-efficient appliances of the house also help to reduce utility bills for new, custom home buyers. New homes often feature green systems and appliances — such as high efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning unites, furnaces, and water heating units — that homes built years ago might not feature.

5) Newly built custom homes require fewer repairs. The features of new homes should also hold up better than those of existing resale homes, which have probably experienced years of wear and tear. Buying a new home can save you a ton of money each year in home repairs. Visit here for more information.

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