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  • Get the Latest News Without Ever Turning on the TV

    There are several life situations that can prevent us from having the time or even the ability to watch television and keep current on the news. You might be away at college, without a T.V. at home, or travelling by RV. Without regular access to a T.V., it is easy to start feeling disconnected from […]

  • Tragic Natural Disaster in Colorado? Three Sites You Should Follow for News

    Did you know that the National Guard is evacuating a Colorado town because of flooding that has already killed three people? It has created an island within the town of Lyon, with all roads leading out of the small town flooded. If you are looking for the latest free online news, there are many options. […]

  • Stop Waiting for Broadcasts or Print Get All of Your News Online

    How did people get their news back in the day? In no specific order, telegraph, radio, newspaper, television, word of mouth. Those were the main factors in the spreading of news in society. And, as each one was released, they were great, life changing advances in technology. Not only in terms of dispersion of news, […]

  • Stay Informed on Global News

    While searching online world news websites like AP or Google News, one will be able to see a list of all the latest stories that are breaking across the planet. Websites like these that aggregate news from across the internet could be the perfect thing for people who enjoy news from across the political spectrum. […]