Get the Latest News Without Ever Turning on the TV

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There are several life situations that can prevent us from having the time or even the ability to watch television and keep current on the news. You might be away at college, without a T.V. at home, or travelling by RV. Without regular access to a T.V., it is easy to start feeling disconnected from what is happening around the world, or even in your hometown.

Fortunately, online news articles, video, and feeds can keep you connected.

  1. Online news articles.
  2. If you want the latest web news, then you can take your pick from national, international, or any news related to every industry imaginable. If you want to see what is new in Tokyo, Germany, Riga, or Johannesburg, the internet is the easiest way to check in. Simply search for news articles in conjunction with a location or industry and you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed with the choices.

  3. Online news video.
  4. If reading articles is not how you prefer to get your news, then look for free online news channels. Many websites are streaming online news, where you can choose to watch from a particular broadcasting network or news station, or an aggregator. One of these news video aggregators has everything from Reuters, to C-Span, to Aljazeera, to France24, to BBC World Service. Some of these websites may require you to install a plug-in in order to watch the videos, but for the most part the whole process is no more difficult than selecting a news show or station, and clicking play.

  5. Web news feed.
  6. If you want CNN breaking news headlines, but you do not feel like checking back on the CNN website every day, then what you need is an RSS feed reader. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary, and it collects updates from your subscribed websites, and summarizes them neatly on one page. You can scan and get to online news articles faster than ever if you use RSS feeds and readers.

When it comes to staying connected to news in your neighborhood or across the globe, the internet makes it easier than ever before. Simply look for articles, videos, or subscribe to articles to have them delivered to you. Even if you do not have a T.V., you can still get all of the latest news.

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