Dealers Normally Visit SmartAuction For These Four Reasons

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Dealers across the nation have used SmartAuction for years as their primary or secondary source for buying and selling automobiles. They have done so largely because the site has always been at the leading edge of offering online auctions of these vehicles. But they continually visit this auction site for several other reasons as well, including for the technologies used, for the improved inventory, for the higher volume and quality of such inventory, and for the strong relationships they can usually form with other automotive dealers around the country.

One: With SmartAuction the world’s highest and most recent technologies are used. The company recently partnered with another firm to deliver these highly technical solutions, which are far simpler to use than the solutions provided on the websites of other insurance auto auctions. Dealers on SmartAuction have greater access to vehicle inventories by utilizing these new software solutions, which have been developed over time through these partnerships with dealers in mind.

Two: With SmartAuction the world’s most popular auction is being used, which furthers any dealers’ inventory of auction items. Dealers are wise to at least spend part of their time exploring the SmartAuction website, which is similar to Manheim, OpenLane and Ove in its comprehensive listings of vehicles available from a smattering of dealers and suppliers. But unlike other Gsa auctions, SmartAuction uses these cutting edge technologies to better connect dealers with the vehicles they need.

Three: With SmartAuction dealers get a larger volume of auction vehicles because of the company’s partnership with leading providers. Through these partnerships, more inventory is available. And because more inventory is accessible to these dealers and to regular individuals who sign up to receive the services that the site provides, the actual inventory is stronger and the prices are more comparable. The higher the inventory, the less expensive the vehicles, or so the commonly used rule goes with the site.

Four: With Smartauction dealers can develop stronger relationships with one another because the site’s technology allows for such communication. Dealers are no longer simply in it for themselves but instead can formulate relationships with other dealers and vendors so that when one dealer needs to unload inventory another dealer can be there to bid on it or buy it. Transactions and auctions are seamless on the site, furthering the collaborative opportunities that exist and the expansive inventory that these providers have available through it.

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