Do You Owe State Taxes?

State tax lien removal

If you owe the IRS money, the last thing you want to happen is for them to place a levy upon you. If you are in serious debt and they put a levy on you, they can take your wages, your house, your car and pretty much any personal assets they feel are obligated to them.

The IRS can levy upon your wages, bank accounts, social security payments, accounts receivables, insurance proceeds, property and even a personal residence. They can levy assets in your possession or assets in the possession of a third party, like a bank. You are not protected from the long arms of the IRS.

The United States Constitution said in 1787 that the federal government can lay and collect taxes, but some tax revenues had to be given to the states, proportionate to their populations. Today, state tax help can be found pretty much anywhere, and you can get the history of your state tax as well.

So what if you are confused as to state taxes owed. If you find yourself asking, do I owe state taxes?, you should not just take it easily. You should go see a tax attorney or a tax professional and get it settled. As long as you communicate and are clear with the IRS, they will not be harsh with you. They will often work with you to get a settlement.

Paying state taxes does not have to be a dilemma or a scary encounter. You can simply do it through the use of a professional tax agency, or learn the tax rules yourself and take a huge load off your back. If you do not want to mess with the whole idea of state and federal taxes, that is always fine. There are people who make their living off being able to do that kind of stuff for people who do not want to.

If I owe state taxes, I am going to pay my state taxes as soon as I can, to avoid swift retribution by the almighty IRS. Taxes are a little bit crazy though. Did you know that in Chicago, fountain drinks are taxed at nine percent? Meanwhile, a drink in a bottle or can is taxed at only three percent.

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