Don’t Get Scammed! Three Tips for Finding Reliable Auto Shippers

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According to research by Autogenie, about 50% of people would consider buying a vehicle online. Young people were the most likely to find this trend promising, with about 66% of respondents under the age of 35 considering the internet a viable option for car purchasing.

It’s no surprise, really, that car buying has, for many people, moved online. For people who would rather avoid dealerships and get straight information about price, the internet can be a great resource. Buying a car online, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that the vehicle is in your possession yet. Many people will need to contact auto transport companies to get their car. Here are three tips for finding reliable, cheap car shipping services.

1. Avoid Signs of a Scam

Unfortunately, there have been many claims lodged with the Better Business Bureau over the past several years regarding illegitimate cheap car shipping services. When you’re looking for a company, be wary of any site that offers a quote far below the average of others. This can be a sign that they are cutting corners somewhere, or will be the type of shipper who holds your car hostage until you pay another fee.

Often times, the way to spot this scam is in the fine print. The company might promise that the quote covers all shipping fees, while the fine print before you agree to it explains that you will also need to pay separate broker arrangement fees.

2. Check Information Available Online

Did you know that just googling “car shipping service scams” turns up over 2 million hits? One way to ensure that you find a business with good practices and customer care is to simply search the internet. Make sure that consumer reviews are largely positive, and that valid criticism has been addressed by the company. As mentioned, the Better Business Bureau can be a useful resource. By accessing their site, you can see if anyone has lodged complaints, and the BBB usually rates businesses for reliability on an A to F scale.

3. Dependable Auto Shipping

If you’ve never paid for a company to move your car before, you might not be sure which factors are important. Insurance is one factor you should determine before paying for anything. Know what is covered, and what isn’t. Always make sure you have photographs of existing dings and scratches so that the company can’t claim they were already there. Consider speed of transport, as well. Some companies could take several weeks to get your vehicle from one place to the next; make sure this fits with your schedule before hitting “buy.”

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