Expand Your Internet Services to Include SEO for Your Clients

Do you run a company that provides Internet services to business clients and you’re looking to expand the kinds of products that you offer? Perhaps you currently offer web design or social media consultation, but the recent emphasis on online marketing and search engine optimization has led you to consider adding SEO marketing to the menu of options.

If this describes your situation, SEO outsourcing may be the best approach, particularly if your company is small and you do not have the infrastructure to hire SEO specialists in-house. If you choose to outsource SEO, you will effectively take part in a SEO reseller program.

This paradigm involves hiring an outside SEO content creation company to provide the actual package itself, which can include both the original content and the ability to effectively monitor that content as part of a concerted marketing campaign. You would then purchase this package and resell SEO to your clients for a profit. The product would be branded under your own company’s name, rather than the name of the company with which you collaborated, which would make it private label SEO or white label SEO.

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