Full Color Vinyl Banners Could Make a Huge Impact on Your Next Marketing Event

How to price a vinyl design

Our corporate events lacked something. I always knew it but could never quite put my finger on what. Then, I went to a festival and noticed all of the full color vinyl banners, and realized that that was exactly what we needed. They were bright, eye catching and had clear information in attractive graphically designed fonts.

So I started looking into companies that made full color vinyl banners and was pretty surprised by what I found. Vinyl is really a compound that any organic compound contains a vinyl group, and it is the second most used plastic in the world. It is used in some of the most inconspicuous things. You would never realize that one of the most popular toys in the 20th century, Colorforms, are actually made out of vinyl or that thousands of restaraunt table cloths are simply vinyl backed with cotton.

I had no idea that it was used in so many different places. There are even recreational and athletic applications of vinyl, which include gym mats, wall pads, athletic dummies, pole vault pits, and childhood development shapes.

I found a company to help me with my full color vinyl banners and who could print them as well, but from now on I am going to keep vinyl in mind if I ever need to work on a project again. There are many wholesale vinyl fabric providers out there, which you can use for vinyl sign material. Not to mention there are also vinyl flooring manufacturers out there in addition to vinyl label printing. Why, any product that you need is probably available as a cost effective vinyl product.

My full color vinyl banners did the trick. We saw a lot more tent traffic at our events, and received a ton of compliments on the full color vinyl banners. My boss was impressed with the results, and even gave me a bonus.

What are some other uses that you all might be interested in to use vinyl for other than full color vinyl banners? Share your thoughts in the comments! More info like this: www.valuevinyls.com

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