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Oh yikes! There goes that iPhone falling into the bathtub. Or worse yet the toilet. Or you see your phone taking a dive off of the counter and onto the floor and there goes the screen. The top five causes of iPhone damage including being dropped, falling into the toilet, swimming pool, or lake; slipping from your lap, being knocked of a table, or having some sort of liquid spilled on them. And, six percent of iPhone owners have driven away after putting their phone on top of their car.

Amazingly, about 15.5 percent of iPhone 4 owners will experience some sort of accident within a year of buying their phone. And about 11 percent of iPhone owners will continue to use their phones even after the screen has been cracked. Between these damages or needing to replace a phone battery due to damage, you may need some repair services.

About $6 billion dollars are spent each year to repair iPhones or get a replacement phone battery due to damages. There are a few tricks and tips for water damage that may help. For instance, you can dry out a phone or phone battery by placing it in dry rice. This can often dry out the phone or phone battery. However, more often than not you will need services from cell phone repair professionals. These technicians can replace a phone battery, or that cracked screen, as well as help with that water damage.

Technicians can help you with fixing your web cell phone or replace that phone battery quickly. They can also provide you solutions for iPad repair if you have dropped your tablet into the tub while reading your favorite book, or playing your favorite game.

You do not need to suffer through a phone battery that does not hold a charge, or trying to stare at a screen with cracks. Obviously, if the phone does not work at all because of phone battery or water damage, you will need these repair services.

Due to the high number of people requiring a new phone battery or cell phone repairs, finding professionals to help will not be too difficult. Check online or ask for referrals and get the help you need.
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