Hey Doc, Look at Me!

Payment compliance

Doctors have a lot to worry about today. But when I am a patient, I want to believe that my doctor is thinking of nothing else but me and my health. I know that is a lofty dream, but it is mine. I do not want my doctor to worry about managed care reviews, payment compliance, payment reviews, or revenue recovery. I do not want him worrying about paper trails and phone messages. If he is thinking about contract compliance, then he is not thinking about my symptoms or my well being. Yes, I am sure someone smart enough to become a doctor is small enough to look at my ear infection and wonder about contract compliance, but it is still taking a piece of his focus off of me and my body. That is why I was thrilled to learn that many doctors outsource all that stuff, from contract compliance to billing. I do not even know what contract compliance really refers to,m and I do not care. So long as my doctor is thinking about me when he is listening to my heart and checking my x rays. And those of my children and family. Is that really so much to ask? References: www.onlinebls.com

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