How does Lasik Eye Surgery Work, and What are the Risks?


Many decades ago, the only way to correct your vision was to wear glasses. After that, contact lenses became popular alternatives. Today, LASIK eye surgery is the big trend in vision correction, and it has been approved by the FDA since 1999.

How does lasik eye surgery Greenville SC work? Basically, the eye is suctioned into place, then small cuts are made to make a flap. Lasers vaporize tissue, allowing the cornea to be reshaped, which lets light travel through so that it is properly focused on the retina, located at back of the eye. It is the most common form of refractive surgery. Postoperative care for lasik eye surgery Columbia SC includes anti inflammation eye drops and often the patient is advised to wear dark sunglasses for a while.

There are some risks to eye lasik surgery, of course. Side effects can include dry eyes, an inability to drive at night, glare and halos. Many of these symptoms go away several days after the lasik eye surgery Greenville SC, though for some patients, they end up being more permanent. At about two thousand dollars per eye, the procedures are not too cheap, either, though from some people, only one eye correction is necessary to ensure better vision. Also good to note is that about ninety five percent of lasik eye center patients report satisfaction with their procedure.

If you are interested in getting lasik eye surgery Greenville SC, consult with your optometrist to make sure this is a viable option for your eyes, and then talk to a lasik charleston sc center to see what the next step is in receiving your eye care.


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