If you are looking for some adorable camo baby bedding, we have exactly what you are looking for!


Camouflage patterns can be found everywhere! Camo bathing suits, camo purses, camo baby bedding, even camo seat covers! What is our obsession with camouflage? Camo has a deep and rich history that you many not know about until now!

The French were the first to develop the coveted military camouflage during World War I, but it was the British army that was first to wear camouflage rifle green jackets during the Napoleonic War. The use of camouflage first began during times of war because the camouflage provides a false appearance of broken shapes of light shining through trees, which can disguise well a soldier in combat. Interestingly, military textiles like camouflage clothing, and camouflage vehicle paints, help soldiers and military vehicles remain hidden from night vision devices because the paints reflect infrared light. The use of camouflage paints and irregular polygons were used by the German Air Force during World War I to help conceal its planes. Clearly, camouflage has been around for quite awhile and has served many important uses, especially during times of war and combat.

Camouflage has now become a popular wardrobe choice. Camo clothing, camo truck accessories, and even camo bedding can be found in stores. If you are looking for camo baby bedding, you have come to the right place! Transform any crib into a cute camouflage themed bed with camo baby bedding.

Camo baby bedding is the perfect gift for those who have served in the military, and who are expecting a child, and especially for those having a camo wedding! What a unique, original, and individualized gift idea! Anyone who is obsessed with camouflage will find camo baby bedding adorable. Better yet, get a pink camouflage camo baby bedding as a gift for couples expecting a girl! The creative gift ideas are endless.

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