It’s True Adolf Hitler is a Part of Volkswagen History

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You may not know that even the most luxurious cars in the word only take about half an ounce of gas to start the engine, which is about one third of the way up a shot glass. This includes all cars, from BMW’s, Maserati’s, and Benz’s, to Volkswagens. Local car dealers carry all of these cars, but none of them will tell you this basic fact. Nor will they tell you that about drivers swear while they are on the road about 32,000 times in their lifetime. But enough random car facts. The point of this article it to tell you more about VW’s and finding the right one for you.

Literally translated to “people’s car” from German, Volkswagen is one of most popular brand of cars in the world. Three of VW’s cars are on the top 10 list of best-selling cars: the Passat, the Golf, and the Beetle. Its history dates back to 1937, when the company was first founded by the Nazi trade union. The very first Beetle was essentially Adolf Hitler’s brainchild; he commissioned an affordable car that would seat two adults and three children. He wanted to make cars available to all Germans, and he priced them close to the cost of a small motorcycle, which is all most Germans could afford in the 1930s. The Beetle gained popularity over the years for its small design, and new VW models like that Jetta hybrid have been sold widely to promote greener technology in the last decade. With the Golf, the Beetle, and the Passat, VW boasts the most cars of any automotive manufacturers that are still being made today.

You can find older models of the VW at classic car dealers, but if you want the latest model, local car dealers will have hundreds in stock. You can research the models on a VW car dealer website, and find out about every car’s features and specs. Many of these sites will show you customer reviews about the cars, their price, and how much a used version will cost. They will list VW lease specials, and might even offer a way to tell if you can afford it. Car leases are not always cheap, and a low credit score can affect the monthly payment you get. Work with local car dealers to find the best price and model for you, and become part of VW’s substantial sales history. You probably did not know that the VW had such an extensive past that included Hitler. Even if he was one of the most notorious criminals in the history of the world, you have to admit he had an eye for quality cars.

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