Medicare Advantage Insurance provides help to seniors over the age of 65

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With the baby boomer generation retiring in droves, the need for quality health care for American citizens is only set to increase. Congress created Medicare under Title 18 of the Social Security Act in 1965 in order to provide health insurance to people over the age of sixty five. This service would be provided to them regardless of their income or their health history. Since that time, many Americans have taken advantage of Medicare plans as baby boomers are now set to do.

Medicare is effectively compulsory. If an American wants to receive their Social Security benefits which they have earned over a lifetime of work, then they must at least sign up for Medicare Part A. Luckily, there are different types of Medicare so there is some measure of choice in the process. Part A and B offer their recipients a choice between an open network single payer plan and Medicare Advantage insurance, also called Medicare part c, that is a network plan where the United States government provides private health coverage.

Since 1995, the Social Security Administration has been its own branch under the Executive wing of the federal government, whereas before it was under the umbrella of the Department of Health and Human Services. Since that time Medicare plans like Medicare Advantage insurance may have changed to be more or less encompassing but the fact remains that this is an essential service to a very large group of American citizens.

Nearly thirty percent of members of Medicare Advantage health plans seek care in an emergency room. Without the support provided by Medicare insurance, who is to say that this thirty percent would have received and been able to pay for the same level of care that they were granted? Of course, before choosing a Medicare plan, be it Parts A, B, or C, a prospective user should consult professionals who can explain to them the differences between all types of Medicare, as well as Medicaid programs. Each program offers different benefits and coverage levels that may effect care available. By educating themselves, each and every citizen can make full, well educated decisions regarding the future of their health. Visit here for more information.

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  1. My grandmother never paid into social security and so doesn’t receive any of its benefits in her old age. Yet now she is receiving calls trying to force her into Part A coverage? Is it truly compulsory for everyone then?

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