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Military full dity move

While a DITY move is considered to be more stressful it can be more lucrative for you because you can turn a profit. Making a move for any family can be difficult to do, but when it comes to a military move your family is having to move to a new state, and working with a military moving specialist is the right choice to make. While some military families simply go with the assistance of the base, the truth is you can work with a military moving company to do the move on your own. Under the military DITY move program, service members can receive up to 100 percent of the Government Constructive Cost, or GCC when hiring movers or 95 percent if they move on their own.

The DITY move program may be used in conjunction with other programs, allowing for a bigger savings of money. Utilizing a Dity move calculator can show you how much you will spend on your move, and can show you what you can afford. Whatever you do not spend on your move you will be given as a bonus, so finding a military moving company that offers a great price is important. When working with professionals your military move will be much easier to handle. Hiring the right experts to assist you is important if you want your move to go smoothly as well as being as low cost as possible.

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