Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

Motorcycle riding safety tips

Motorcycle sales have steadily increased over the past 10 years, according to the Bureau of Transportation. This is no wonder considering that motorcycles can be extremely fun to ride in addition to being fuel efficient. This combination has led to many people purchasing motorcycles, even if they’re not completely prepared to drive them. Many of these people are more concerned with custom motorcycles parts or cheap motorcycle parts rather than motorcycle riding safety tips. Here are just a few motorcycle safety tips for drivers to make sure your fun new purchase doesn’t end up costing you your life.

The first of the motorcycle safety tips for drivers begins before you even get on your bike. Before you start riding, you should hone your skills by taking a motorcycle safety course. These courses are required in some states as part of the licensing process, but even if your state does not make a motorcycle safety course mandatory, you should still take one. They can lead to insurance discounts, and, in some states, may even allow you to skip the road test or written test. The class will teach you many important things including traffic safety laws that apply to motorcycles in your state and how to respond to emergency situations on a motorcycle. They will also give you a controlled environment in which to hone your new skills.

Your second motorcycle safety tips for drivers also occurs before you even get on your bike. There’s a lot to take care of before you start riding. Only a small percentage of motorcyclists actually use their motorcycles for transportation year round, so you should always give your bike a once-over before you head out for your first ride after a long winter. Make sure to test the lights, brakes, and turns signals; check the oil and fuel levels; check cables for wearing or fraying; and lube and adjust the chain. In order to avoid accidents, the Department of Transportation recommends you check your motorcycle before every ride. Performing this basic maintenance before you head out on the road will help minimize the risk of any accidents.

The NHTSA estimates that 49 percent of motorcycle crashes in the United States are the result of a motorcycle coming in contact with another vehicle. So once you finally get on your bike, it is absolutely imperative that you wear a helmet. Of all motorcycle safety tips for drivers, this is the most important. There is no reason to put yourself at increased risk of a head injury by not wearing a helmet. 19 out of the 50 states in the United States have universal helmet laws for motorcycle riding, but even if yours does not, you should do yourself a favor and wear a helmet regardless. You should make sure that you are wearing the right helmet as well. Look for a Department of Transportation-approved helmet to ensure that your head is protected. Continue reading here.

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