Online Credit Card Processing

Online credit card processing

Most businesses have websites, and many are set up for online sales. When someone makes an online purchase, payment processing services are needed. There are payment processing companies that work with the businesses so that they can have credit card processing online.

Small businesses can be freed from security and paperwork issues when they work with an online payment processor. For customers, the online payment systems can make it simple to make purchases by storing credit card information. Payment card industry (PCI) standards are in place to keep online payment processing secure.

Millions of people make online purchases. In 2002, e commerce sales were around 72 billion dollars. By the year 2011, they had increased to 256 billion. About one third of all the e commerce transactions completed in 2011 were for online flight and travel bookings. Travel websites, along with websites of many other retailers with products and services for sale are making use of credit card processing online.
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  1. It does kind of make sense when you think about it. When you are in a store, they sometimes have to call for authorization so there must be a way to process the online payments, too.

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