Prevent Electrical Fires Using These Simple Tools

Color cable ties

Did you know that, just a few months ago in September 2013, a fire ravaged a New Jersey boardwalk, burning down 50 businesses in the process? What started the fire? According to CBS, authorities chalked the fire up to damaged electrical wiring. Carefully inspecting wires and cables, and taking preventive measures to prevent damage and fraying, can reduce property damage and injuries, or sometimes even save lives. What simple tools and equipment can put an end to electrical fires?

Cable Glands and Rubber Grommets

Cable glands, also commonly referred to as cable connectors, fit over the ends of wires and safely connect them to various electronics, machinery, and equipment. Cable glands are available in brass, stainless steel, and plastic.

Similarly, rubber grommets protect and insulate cables and wires by keeping them away from harmful edges, corners, and metal pieces. Rubber grommets can be circular or oblong, and some rubber grommets can even be tailored to withstand pressure and high temperatures. These heavy-duty grommets are typically used in automotive and manufacturing applications. Hard plastic materials, on the other hand, may be used for desk grommets. Desk grommets are used to protect electronics and wiring used near or on top of desks and furniture.

Cable Ties

Cable ties, zip ties, or hose ties, use a pawl and a series of teeth to securely fasten wires and cables into place. Manufacturers offer a number of different zip ties, serving specific purposes. For example, color cable ties may be used to organize and group specific wiring. Nylon cable ties come in different widths, and some are strong enough for law enforcement and military to use as makeshift handcuffs, called PlastiCuffs. Stainless steel cable ties are flame resistant, making them perfect for automotive and manufacturing applications.

Preventing fires, injuries, and even fatalities starts with the right equipment. Simple tools, including grommets and zip ties can prevent electrical wiring wear and damage, dramatically reducing the likelihood of electrical fires and accidents. Get more info here.

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