Reduce the Load on Your Local ER by Going to Urgent Care Instead

Urgent care milpitas

Urgent care Fremont CA is available for patients who do not have a real medical emergency, but they need to see a doctor after hours. You see, there are about 110 million ER visits in the United States each year. All those ER visits put a real strain on the emergency system. The CDC also says that about half of those visits are from adults who went to the ER because their doctor was not available. They did not have real emergencies they just needed urgent care. Fremont urgent care can take care of non life threatening medical needs. If more people would go to urgent care Fremont CA, it would save a lot of money. According to a 2010 Rand Corporation report, it is possible to reduce the number of ER visits if patients would go to an urgent care center for routine medical care. This reduction alone could save about $4.4 billion in health care costs each year.

The Urgent Care Association of American sets forth criteria for urgent care centers to follow. According to them urgent care Fremont CA must offer diagnostic services, such as x ray services and blood tests. In fact, more and more urgent care centers are the best option for people to go to when they need a wide range of medical services, such as lab services, prescriptions, a physical and even STD testing. Newark urgent care and a center for urgent care Milpitas is also available in the San Francisco Bay area today.
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