Refrigerated Trailers for Sale

Rentals trailers

With trucking in Canada grossing $65 billion overall, refrigerated trailers for sale are sold like hotcakes. Refrigerated trailers are also known as reefer trailers, and many of the current owners have exchanged the Freon systems for the more environmentally friendly R134a coolant. If your cargo is hazardous or very sensitive to changes in temperature, some trailers maintain a redundant refrigeration system that provides a back up refrigeration unit in addition to the primary one. However, each refrigeration transport system is a total loss with each journey, as it needs to be replaced once they’ve reached their destination. The most popular destinations for Canada trucking are New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida.

If you are a business the needs a trailer, make sure to look at the refrigerated trailers for sale in your area. If you only need a reefer trailer for one trip or a short amount of time, keep an eye out for trailer rental canada services. Make sure that you choose the options that will give you the best deal, as trailer rentals will range in prices and refrigerated trailers for sale may require maintenance and repair, which can be expensive.

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