Rent a Photo Booth For Your Next Event

Rent a photo booth

My cousin did not get an open bar for his wedding, and I was not a happy camper. That being said, he did kind of make it up to us. He did buy a photo booth from a photo booth company. Even though the photo booth company did have photo booth rental for weddings, he wanted his own. I have to admit that it was a pretty sweet investment.

I guess photo booth rentals are pretty popular for weddings, reunions, birthday parties, corporate parties and school events. My cousin is an event organizer, so it makes sense that he would buy one now that I think about it, but this would be the only time I could think that purchase versus rental from a photo booth company would be more sensible.

See, today we take as many pictures every two minutes as the human race did as a whole in the the nineteenth century. How crazy is that?

When I called the photo booth company that he bought from, I got some interesting details just like the above. Like that the word photography comes from the Greek language. It can be roughly translated as “painting with light.” Apparently, on a summer day in 1827, the first photographic image was made by a Mister Joseph Nicephore Niepce with a camera obscura. Almost one hundred years later, in 1923, the most expensive camera ever was made, a 1923 Leica camera, which went for 2.8 million dollars at an auction in Vienna, Austria.

After I found all that out when I was on hold, I rented one from the photo booth company myself. The thing was a total game changer at the Christmas party of my company.

Has any one ever been interested in a photo booth company? What did you rent, for what, and how was it received? Did the photo booth company really show you that a picture was worth 1,000 words? Continue your research here:

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