Solving Your Dogs Health Issues Quickly With a Trusted Veterinarian

Dog health problems

Your dog is a beloved member of your family, an integral part of your happy home life. So when your pet experiences dog health problems, there is no reason to hesitate in fixing the issue. Some health complications are commonplace and have simple solutions. Others are more serious and could even potentially fatal.

Fleas, for example, are pretty much a universal affliction among dogs. If your pet begins to claw at, bite, or lick its skin more frequently, lose some its hair, or experience flea spots, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. He or she can prescribe medicine, whether it is taken orally, as a topical spray, or by some other means.

An infestation of hookworms can be far more serious, and if untreated, can be fatal for a dog. That being said, such a condition is treatable. If your pet has lost considerable weight, has a poor or haggard appearance, or is experiencing diarrhea, these could be signs that he or she is suffering from hookworms. Once again, your local veterinarian will be prescribe the ideal medication to eradicate the problem.

In general, you should also be aware of the health issues that are specific to your particular breed of dog. If you own a pug, for example, it can be common for your pet to deal with an elongated soft palette, which can constrict airways and cause the dog to snore. Surgery may be required to correct this if the problem is serious enough. Other pug health problems include luxating patella, also known as trick knees, and pug dog encephalitis.

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