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Buses are an important part of the American transportation network. In the United States, there are an estimated 480,000 buses on the road every day. Bus passenger journeys now make up an estimated two out of every three uses of all public transport. Clearly, buses are an indispensable part of this country.

The first buses appeared in 1824. Of course, at this time buses were drawn by horses as there were no automobile engines. John Greenwood is generally credited with opening the first bus service. Initially, buses only operated in England. However, the idea soon spread to France and eventually all over the world.

After the horse drawn buses, cam the stream powered buses. These, unfortunately, were not very fast, being limited to five mile per hour in cities. Then came the trolley buses which were powered by over head wires that transferred electricity to the trolley car below. The first modern bus began operating in Germany in 1895. However, this company soon went out of business. However, the idea soon spread and bus services began popping up all over the world.

If you run a bus company, then you know the importance of bus maintenance. If your bus breaks down, then you will no doubt be in need of Thomas bus parts or Blue Bird bus parts. Regardless of your bus parts needs, the internet can help you. Online, you can find any bus accessories and bus parts for sale. So head online next time you need Thomas bus parts.

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