Three Helpful Ways to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

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Did you know that Americans have spent nearly $6 billion to repair their damaged iPhones? Phones are most often damaged by dropping them onto hard surfaces, spilling liquid on them, and dropping them in water. Although cell phone water damage can negatively impact your ability to perform popular cell phone activities, such as texting, taking photos, or “showrooming,” which is the process of comparing prices on your phone while you are in stores, there are several cell phone repair options available. By determining how to fix a wet cell phone, your phone will work as good as new.

1. Rice. One of the most common DIY repair methods is to immediately place the cell phone in a bag of dry rice after it has suffered from water damage. Before doing so, however, the phone battery must be removed so that the phone does not short-circuit. After the phone has sat in the rice overnight, try to power it back on. If nothing happens, a more thorough method may be needed.

2. Compressed air. This method can be used either in conjunction with rice or instead of rice. If you are able to open your phone up, compressed air can be used to dry each component within the phone. A hair dryer should not be used to dry the phone, however, because hair dryers produce hot air that can be damaging to phones. Although compressed air is not always guaranteed to work, it is another popular DIY method.

3. Professional service. When all else has failed, cell phone water damage repair specialists are available to fix your damaged phone for you. These experts are trained in cell phone repair, and they will be able to get your phone working again as long as the components are not damaged beyond repair. If the components are fixable, though, repair experts are able to install replacement parts so that you do not have to purchase an entirely new phone.

Nearly 20% of cell phone accidents occur in the living room, but water damage can happen anywhere. Although it is sometimes difficult to learn how to fix a wet cell phone, there are several options available. If rice and compressed air do not work, professional service is generally needed. By getting your phone back to perfect, working order, you can continue to use it for all your needs. Helpful info also found here.

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