Top of the Line Commercial Real Estate

Douglast e. fleit

If you are looking for the best support and expertise in buying or leasing commercial real estate, you will want to give a call to Douglas Fleit. Douglas E. Fleit is a founding member of American Real Estate Partners. American Real Estate Partners focuses on commercial real estate assets and real estate financial investments in all of the major markets on the East coast of the United States.

Real Capitol Analytics, a New York real estate research firm, reports that over 160 billion dollars of commercial properties in the United States are now in default, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. With these kinds of statistics, you are going to want the best real estate firm to help you choose a property that is ready for success. With the help of Douglas E Fleit and American Real Estate Partners, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

American Real Estate Partners work solely as a principal, and not as an advisor or capital allocator. You can feel confident in American Real Estate partners because they maintain a singular focus on optimizing quality and quantity of leasing income throughout their portfolio. Their investment platform is unique due to the extent of their experience and talent of their management team.

Douglas Fleit has helped create a long standing commercial real estate empire that will work one on one with you to make sure your commercial acquisitions go smoothly. They are truly the leader in their market. If you need a great office rental now, you should call Douglas fleit as soon as possible. If you need additional information, they can explain their process, or you can research their reviews and successes online. Look into your options with American Real Estate Partners today.


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  1. I am not really sure what to look for in a commercial real estate partner. This company sounds great but how do I really know?

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