Want the Latest News and the Freedom to Watch it Whenever, and Wherever, You Want?

News today is immediate, and interactive. Fox News Channel 4 offers breaking headline news, with more options for viewing, sparking discussion, and inviting audience participation than ever before. What could Fox 4 News offer you?

A Wealth of Information

Fox 4 News aired its first broadcast on December 3, 1949 and has been reporting news ever since. Today, broadcasts range from Texas news, U.S. news, world news, unusual news, education, politics, technology, health, weather, sports, and more. Fox is not blind to the seriousness and severity of most news broadcasts, so it offers a “Good Day” segment to work in some humor and lift spirits. Segments like Tell it to Time, Deal or Dud, and Viewers Voice are tailored to audiences, and invite direct audience participation.

Get the News Wherever You Go

Over a third, or up to 36% of all cellphone owners, can stream live video, and the number of people watching videos and reading online news articles on their own time is even higher. Dallas tx news 4 knows that its viewers are seeking news in their homes, and on the go. That is why they are streaming online news, posting news videos and lists of links featured on broadcasts, and encouraging viewers to share their own videos and pictures.

Fox 4 News continues to offer more information, and more ways to get it.


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