What are the Best Italian Foods to Order from a Catering Service?

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Huge meals involving Italian foods are often portrayed in fiction as being heavily family-centric. But there might be some truth in this often stereotyped presentation of Italian cuisine. After all, family is one of the most important things there is.

When you are looking into hiring the right catering services for your family events, think about going Italian. The red, white and green tradition of Italian foods represents many things, and family is most certainly near the top of them. Delicious satisfaction, of course, is close, too.

Looking at the numbers, it only makes sense to opt for Italian foods. About 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly, and 93 percent have enjoyed a slice or two in the last month alone. Pepperoni stands strong as the most popular topping choice, though experimentation is highly recommended. Some of the best gourmet pizza topping options include chicken, oysters, crayfish, sprouts, eggplant, Cajun shrimp and plenty more.

Each American, on average, will eat 46 slices per year. It is easy to see, then, why the top pizza sales come on the unofficial holidays of Super Bowl Sunday and the night before Thanksgiving, as well as the real holidays of New Years Eve, New Years Day and Halloween. But while pizza delivery places account for huge numbers of Italian foods business, there is more authentic cuisine to be had, as well.

Pasta, which comes from that Latin word for “paste,” was first eaten in China all the way back in 5,000 BC. In the United States, Thomas Jefferson often gets credit for bringing pasta to the mainstream after visiting Naples and falling in love with a particular macaroni dish. After that, the first pasta factory in America opened in, where else, but Brooklyn, New York in 1848.

So, you have your family event all planned. Now you need catering ideas. Why not opt for Italian foods? As pizza is an all-time favorite among Americans, especially children, you cannot go wrong. The average America eats about 15 pounds of pasta per year, so why not make at least a pound of that be during your next event?

Italian food catering might just be your best option. You can please everybody and still keep it all about the family. After all, that is what Italian foods are all about, right? Read more articles like this.

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