What Is a Steeplejack?

Church steeple

If you were to look at a picture of a church steeple, you’d see a piece of architecture that was clean, in good shape, and reflected the modest, solemn, sagacious characteristics of its church. Yet, not all church steeples look so great. Between time and the elements, these parts of a church can start to wear down, and become unsightly.

Thankfully, there are tradesmen known as steeplejacks. These are craftsmen who do church steeple repair and maintenance.

They begin the steeple repair process first by erecting ladders leading up to the top of the spire. In places like the UK, steeplejacks are known to use a belay rope fall-arrest system to get to the top and do their steeple repair projects. Next, they usually suspend a strong wooden plank on which they can sit very comfortably and pull himself upwards or downwards, known as a bosun’s chair. After, they might construct scaffolding to carry out the steeple repairs needed by fixing anchors into the wall and “kicking” the scaffolding from there.

Steeplejacks can do any number of projects needed. They can repair or replace masonry, regardless of whether its brick, stone, or concrete. They can carry out general carpentry, paint, do steeple repairs to the roof, remove and clean windows, sandblast, and do other necessary tasks.

These craftsmen are highly experienced. In order to become a steeplejack, a five-year apprenticeship must be completed. This ensures that any and all steeple repairs are done with professionalism, and quality. After all, steeples and spire present unique challenges to the average contractor, which is why such specialized training is required.

In order for a steeple to be repaired properly, it’s best to call professional steeplejacks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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