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A recent report states that roughly half of companies using Byod require employees to cover the costs of the technology; and while most are compliant with this idea, it will still be your job to cover the costs of iPhone security measures. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners surveyed more than a thousand consumers and found that a fifth use their iPad for company purposes which is why you need iPhone security systems installed right away. You will find that by using iPhone management, you will be able to have a great program to offer protection for your sensitive data.

Apple created a free tool called Configurator which can give a user the ability to configure as many as thirty IOS devices at once and you can incorporate measures such as this into your iPhone security plan. By utilizing mobile device management, you will be able to make things a lot easier on your IT team as well. This is because they will have the opportunity to use patch management proactively not only to repel threats, but to keep all devices on the same wavelength through automated security and software updates that can be implemented globally. At the same time, the right patch management software will provide them with the capability to remotely wipe a phone that has fallen into the wrong hands or is being misused. With this kind of control, there is no reason that you should delay adopting a plan for your business.
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