Your Family Deserves a Fully Organic Sleep Experience

Organic bedding sheets

You want the best for your family, and that extends to the quality of their sleep. The average mattress is made with inorganic flame retardant chemicals that may harm children over time. That is why so many parents are choosing a natural mattress for their older children and an organic crib for their infants.

A natural mattress is typically made from all natural untreated wool, organic cotton, and natural latex. These materials are fire and dust mite resistant. A natural mattress labelled as being “Pure Grow Wool” means that the wool has come from humanely treated and organically raised sheep, so you do not have to worry about the ethics involved in creating the fabric. Organic cotton is utilized in batting and wrapping material for the natural mattress. Natural latex is made from rubber trees. This natural latex mattress material is much safer than petroleum based polyurethane used in typical mattresses.

Organic mattresses are also sometimes made with a bamboo blended cotton fabric. Other materials used in a natural mattress include horsehair, flax, wool, and pine. A truly natural mattress does not contain plastic outers or additives.

When ordering your natural mattress, you can usually also order organic cotton sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillow cases to create a completely natural sleep experience. Prior to a natural mattress being shipped, it is compressed, wrapped in biodegradable plastic, and is often packed within a 100 percent recyclable box printed with water soluble ink. From creation to shipment, you can feel safe knowing that every product used to make and package your natural mattress is organic through and through. This is what both you and your family deserve.


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