Communications by winstron neweb corporation

If you have been keeping up with neweb news lately for the wistron neweb corporation you are sure to have seen many exciting developments in communications technologies. Wistron neweb corporation is one of a number of companies that designs and manufactures communication products for personal, commercial, and industrial use. They have been awarded numerous awards for their innovation and design.

In 2013, wistron neweb corporation was honored the CES innovation design and engineering award for their 4g mobile hotspot. Specializing in PHS, GSM, CDMA and 3G and 4G wireless technologies, they had a lead industry role in the RandD process of the phones running dual net and dual mode phones via technologies such as GSM.

Along with their developments in the mobile space, they have made considerable headway in the automotive music industry as well. A contract manufacturer for SDARS modules for a top satellite radio company, they have the ability to produce a wide variety of different in car satellite and digital radios. In addition to satellite radio, wistron neweb corporation has the capability to design and build automotive bluetooth systems around their two different automotive bluetooth modules. Along with bluetooth, they also have boards built specifically for wireless connectivity, video applications, and radar sensors.

Wistron neweb corporation has made a name in the home satellite market with the manufacture of antennas and low noise block downconverter freehorns for direct broadcast satellites. Used primarily by satellite television and internet providers, low noise block downconverter freehorns, or LNBFs for short are mounted on the roof or other surface with an unobstructed view of the sky. In addition satellite receiver dishes need to be very finely tuned in order to properly communicate with direct broadcast satellites. Wistron neweb corporation has built tried, tested, and industry wide accepted mechanisms specifically designed for extremely precise alignment of these dishes. An all around good choice for your satellite, mobile, and wireless technologies, wistron neweb corporation is an industry leader that can help you accomplish your communication goals.

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