Hectic Schedule? Stream News Online to Save Time

A recent study found that the average web users will spend 23 hours every week using some form of digital communication. For the most part, those hours are spent emailing, checking social media sites, and texting. When they are not doing those things, however, web users might be visiting their favorite online world news web sites in order to keep up with all of the latest stories. Wathcing streaming online news might be the fastest way for individuals to get updates on all of the stories that they find the most interesting.

Since people are spending so much time online, it makes perfect sense that they would want to read online news articles and watch online news videos to stay informed. Busy schedules often mean that individuals do not have time every day to sit down and read the paper or watch the evening news when they get out of the office. However, streaming online news allows them to learn the latest developments right from their desk and work or while lounging on the couch. After checking sites like Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs on friends, individuals might want to hop to their favorite news site in order to get the latest news.

An eMarketer survey found that 54 percent of survey respondents said that they want to spend less time using the internet and would prefer to have more in person contact by decreasing their dependence on devices. And, in the future, that number is expected to grow. To be able to spend more time meeting with people in person, individuals might want to cut down on the time it takes them to get the news they want by watching streaming online news. Watching the news online is a faster alternative than watching it on TV, and gives web users more free time to enjoy their friends and family.

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