Neweb News Shows an Exciting, Innovative Company

Do you manufacture home, automobile or other communication devices? Are you looking for the latest components at a cheap price? There are several manufactures that compete for your business. I wish to highlight one for you today, the Wistron Neweb corporation, that has a stream of Neweb news. Corporate Neweb news includes not just their production capacity, but also how they won several research contracts and design awards throughout the years.

The Wistron Neweb corporation designs and manufactures high quality ODM, JDM, and OEM services for wireless communication products, including mobile phones, radios, and other applications. With design at corporate headquarters in Taiwan, and manufacture in Mainland China, Neweb news consists of their advances in 4G communication equipment, as well as other peer to peer communications devices.

The best bit of Neweb news is how innovative they are. The company has won the Hsinchu Science Park R and D Accomplishment Award in 2011 and 2012, and the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award for 4G mobile hotspots. They have also won several awards from the Taiwanese government.

The greatest bit about Neweb news, at least for Westerners, is how immutable they see their care of employees. Asiatic cultures have a strong sense of caring for their employees, for they see themselves as both for profit companies and as agents of social stability. In fact, in 2011, Winstron Neweb had only one safety accident, which resulted in an internal investigation. The employee has recovered and resumed working.

A search through Neweb news shows this ethos extends to other parts of the workplace. All factory floors and cafeteria are cleaner than PRC regulations require, and every employee receives an annual health exam. Women can breast feed in private rooms, and discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is strictly forbidden.

A scan through Neweb news show the company is innovative, tackling the largest communications challenges in the world of today. They are also caring. One who sees any Neweb news should understand they are a strong performer in China because of the quality of their people, and therefore the quality of their work.

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