Why Wistron NeWeb is an Industry Leader

For nearly 20 years, the Wistron NeWeb corporation has been a leader and an innovator in supplying parts for wireless communication devices. NeWeb news has often centered around the superior technological prowess Wistron Neweb displays. What NeWeb news can also share with you is how the company got to be so great, leveraging its people as its most important resources. From scientists and engineers to its vast labor force, NeWeb news will share how Wistron NeWeb systematically enforced Confucian values throughout its workplace, and created a holistic environment to work in.

If nothing else, NeWeb news can share how the company has been an innovator. Established in Taiwan in 1996, the company won the Taiwan symbol of excellence just two years later, a reward repeated in 2007. NeWeb news can also share about the many awards given by its local science park, the grants underwritten by the Taiwanese government, and the accolades presented by its peers. In fact, Asiamoney gave Wistron NeWeb very high marks in corporate governance, citing it as the best at board of directors management and investor relations in all of Asia.

NeWeb news can also share with you how their culture of Confucian values is throughout their organization. As stated before, NeWeb news shows that the board has the best governance in Asia. Labor standards are also much higher than the Taiwanese government requires, based on the belief that employees take care of a firm. All employees receive a health exam upon intake, and an annual one thereafter. Women receive maternity care and private lactation rooms. There are even professional massages offered twice a week, at no charge to employees.

As NeWeb news shows, Wistron NeWeb is committed to the world it serves. This is not from appeasing public relations, but a genuine Confucian sense that they need to be stewards of all. By honoring their employees and the world around them, the company remains an industry leader.

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